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Evaluate Childcare Centre

Nowadays, childcare centre is very different compared to what we had 10-15 years ago. With the current lifestyle of digitalization, new parents tend to have different consideration factors when they evaluate a childcare centre for their children.

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Which factors should a parent consider when choosing a childcare option?

Here are 5 factors to evaluate choosing the right childcare centre.

School Built & Environment

Research shows that children can learn better in a thematic school environment design. A modern environment will also spark their interest in learning at school. Parents would love to see their children learning in a comfortable and fun learning school environment. Evaluate Childcare Centre.

School Cleanliness

School cleanliness is always the top priority for parents in evaluating childcare centre. Unhygienic is always a big NO, especially in these Covid years. Dirty spots such as dust in the corner, the smell in the bathroom, and whether the rubbish is being clear are the hotspots that parents will be alert to. A good centre must always be clean, and hygienic and always perform sanitization and coating in their centre.

School Safety

Safety is one of the main factors when parents evaluate childcare centres. How can parents rest assured to leave their children in the centre? A system of check-in/check-out must be implemented in the centre, especially when the children arrive or leave the school area. The system can also confirm that the caretaker is the one who registered and recognized during enrolment. No strangers are allowed to step into the school area.

School Health & Wellness

In evaluating childcare centre for children, health awareness has also become one of the factors for an excellent school. Not many childcare centres in the market will focus on health services such as providing a balanced meal plan, monitoring children growing health, providing health report cards, and parent consultation. Parents need to ensure that their children grow up healthily at a young age.

Teacher and caretaker qualifications

A good and professional teaching team is essential for a childcare centre, especially those who have the knowledge and skills of early childhood education. Parents would want teachers who can guide children during the learning progress and understand the methodology of a learning classroom. Caretakers should also equip with the skills of First Aid to prepare for any unwanted injury that happens in school.

When you are about to evaluate a childcare centre for your children, do not forget to include My Kiddyland in your list.

Why us?

My Kiddyland is the go-to solution for childcare and kindergarten services that you need. Equipped with over a decade of experience in managing child education programs, My Kiddyland is a kindergarten that focuses on the best quality of early childhood education from infant care to kindergarten groups.

My Kiddyland schools are designed with thematic design, spacious areas, and learning engage environment. My Kiddyland endeavoured to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child while you are away at work.

We work with a registered dietitian and nutritionist to provide a well-balanced and nutritional meal plan for your little one. We also provide Daily Tracking App where parents can log in and view their child’s information anytime through the parent portal.

A safe and clean environment has been My Kiddyland's top priority. The most very important aspect of our whole-child approach is making sure your child is safe, secure, and supported.

Our caring and motivated teachers in My Kiddyland provide effective teaching while giving students personal attention, advice, and support. With leadership, personal growth, and an encouraging lifelong learning program, My Kiddyland school system will bring success to every student.

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