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Our core service principles are NURTURE, PROTECT & GUIDE, where we emphasize the importance of childhood nutrition, cleanliness and safe environment, as well as holistic learning as our top priorities.
MyKiddyLand Nurture


child’s individual growth
and development
MyKiddyLand Protect


child’s heath & safety is
our top priority
MyKiddyLand Guide


child that turns into
confidence as they grow


Infant Care

(2 months – 18 months)
We provide a personalized approach evolving your baby ’s sleep and diet routine. Our caregivers are certified to ensure the best care and professional.
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MyKiddyLand Programmes Infant Care
MyKiddyLand Programme Play Group

Play Group

(1.5 years old – 3 years old)
We’ve our own program to complete confidence in every aspect of your child’s experience, and also take care your child’s from health to safety.
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Kinder Group

(4 years old – 6 years old)
Our educators are qualified and professional training, strong foundation in academic to ensure your child build strong confidence.
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MyKiddyLand Programme Kinder Group
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