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We’ve our own program to complete confidence in every aspect in your child’s experience, and also take care your child from health to safety. Our program is based on what research says best prepares children for kindergarten, and all the big steps ahead.

Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local and national guidelines.
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Play Group Tringgual Curriculum

Trilingual Curriculum

Our team focuses on different language in order to allow them to grow in a trilingual environment
Play Group Music Environment

Music Movement

Allow our children to explore their creativities through music and play-learning
Play Group Montessori Curriculum

Monntessori Curriculum

Develop a foundational understanding of each material & master the core competencies
Play Group Well-Balanced Meal

Well-Balanced Meal

Our menus are specially designed by a team of nutritionists within our company’s group

Our Little Kiddy

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