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Infant Group

2 months – 20 months
Our Infant Care Program offers a personalized approach evolving your baby ’s sleep and diet routine.
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Play Group

21 months - 3 years old
We’ve our own program to complete confidence in every aspect in your child’s experience
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Kinder Group

4 years old - 6 years old
Our Kinder Group program ensures that our students are ready to embark on various streams of primary education.
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Our 5 Signatures

Child Centered Learning

My Kiddyland strives to develop our child education services into Primary School Academic Tuition Services, Digital School, Enrichment & Skills Classes, because we are committed to seeing education play a transformative role for present and future generations.

Safe & Clean Environment

Our approach promotes the holistic growth of children in a safe and comfortable environment that emphasises the importance of the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of children, particularly in childhood.

Professional Educator

Our educators are qualified and professional training, strong foundation in academic to ensure your child build strong confidence.

Well Balanced Nutritional Meals

We have our own team of nutritionist & dietitian that special design child’s meal with natural, fresh & high quality.

We serve wide variety of foods to ensure a balanced diet but also stimulate sense of smell and taste.

Digitalize Updates Through Apps

Enroll your kids now at MKL and you can easily track your kid's real-time progress in preschool via our Daily Tracking App!
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