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Our Kinder Group program ensures that our students are ready to embark on various streams of primary education.

Our curriculum is organised into theme-based units that seeks to develop your child focuses on social-emotional development, nurtures appreciation of various tradition and cultures through expose to multi-ethnic societies. We also boosts creativity through arts and music appreciation.
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Kinder Group Tringual Curriculum

Trilingual Curriculum

Our team focuses on different language in order to allow them to grow in a trilingual environment
Kinder Group Academic Foundation

Academic’s Foundation

Our team focuses in building a strong foundation to the children from healthy lifestyle, time management to good-living & social habit
Kinder Group Hands-On Activites

Hands-On Activities

Allowing our young children to experiment different kinds of activities using their hands and body
Kinder Group Music & Environemnt

Music & 

Allow our children to explore their creativities through music and play-learning
Kinder Group Well-Balanced Meal

Well-Balanced Meal

Our menus are specially designed by a team of nutritionists within our company’s group

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