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Saiful Azreen
Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten or Taska- A Parent’s Guide

Every single day, you will witness your children's growth. Naturally, as parents, we want nothing less than the very best for our precious children.

Every first-time moment that our child experiences, we want to witness it.

Of course, it's beneficial for kids to face challenges as they grow up.

Preparing your child for the transition to Kindergarten or Taska is a significant milestone in their development.

As parents, we aim to ensure that they have the best possible start.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help your child adapt smoothly to this new chapter:

Social and Emotional Readiness (Developing Independence, Making Friends)

First thing that you can do is make sure your child is ready to socialise, It is important for them to be able to speak with other people

Communication is key to helping your child explore their way.

Developing Independence

Encouraging Self-Reliance

Start by giving your child opportunities to do things independently. Simple tasks like dressing themselves, tidying up toys, or putting on their shoes can build their confidence and sense of independence.

Decision-Making Skills

Allow your child to make choices. Whether it’s picking out their clothes for the day or choosing a snack, these small decisions foster independence and problem-solving skills.

Handling Separation

Gradually, get your child used to being away from you. Short periods of separation can help them adjust to the idea of spending time at school without feeling anxious.

Making Friends

Playdates and Group Activities:

Arrange playdates or involve your child in group activities where they can interact with peers. This helps them learn to share, take turns, and develop empathy.

Practical Skills (Self-care, Following Instructions, Communication)

When your child is able to handle things on their own, it will be beneficial for them.

As time goes on, they will become more proficient, and the practical skills they have acquired will enable them to set a positive example for their friends.


Personal Hygiene

Teach your child basic hygiene practices like washing hands, brushing teeth, and using the toilet independently. Reinforce these routines until they become second nature.

Dressing Themselves

Practice dressing and undressing, focusing on tasks like buttoning, zipping, and tying shoes. This not only builds independence but also motor skills.

Eating Skills

Encourage your child to eat independently, use utensils properly, and clean up after meals. If the school has specific snack or lunch routines, mimic these at home to familiarize them.

Following Instructions

Simple Task Instructions

Start with easy tasks that have a few steps, like setting the table or cleaning up toys. Gradually increase the complexity as they become more adept at following instructions.

Listening and Responding

Play games that require listening and following directions, such as “Simon Says” or treasure hunts. These activities make learning to follow instructions fun and engaging.

Understanding Routines

Establish daily routines at home. Predictable routines provide structure and help children feel secure, making it easier for them to adapt to the routines at school.


Building Vocabulary

Engage in conversations with your child about their day, feelings, and interests. Read books together to expand their vocabulary and comprehension.

Asking for Help

Teach your child to ask for help when they need it. Role-playing scenarios where they might need assistance can make them more comfortable doing so in real situations.

Listening Skills

Practice active listening by giving your child your full attention when they speak and encouraging them to do the same. This helps them understand the importance of listening and taking turns in conversation.

Be Together (Reading, Routines, Visiting the School)

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