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Salma & Emma's Parents?‍?‍?‍?

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Both Salma and Emma grew up beautifully with the teachers here who nurtured our girls to become how amazing they are today. ?Their bravery, artistic capability, confidence, health, are all thanks to the teachers’ guidance and love. ?

Each of the activities done is properly recorded through the school App where parents can easily monitor her progress and what she’s up to at school. ☺️ Every other day, Salma will come home with new things she had learnt like putting bottle lids in its place or putting straws in cups, arranging her toys and many more. ?

Despite Covid ?restrictions, the teachers have been extremely caring and considerate of parents’ requests while taking extreme measures to ensure our kids are protected and safe. ?Whether it’s regarding fee reduction to weekly testing to regular telephone personalised updates and recommendations on clinics/test kits to get. ✨We are constantly kept updated via the school app, WhatsApp messages ?and telephone calls.?

Even before she can even walk, Salma already has her favourite teacher and would only eat food from the centre (not mummy’s cooking!).? The teachers have been extremely good in handling her dietary even when she’s a little picky with her food at times. ?

A special shout out to Teacher Chen and Ms Crystal for their love and care. ? The attention given to our girls is beyond what we would expect from any kindergarten and we are more than happy to recommend My Kiddyland to parents who are looking for a loving pre-school for their children.?

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