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Mr & Mrs nik

We find that the daily timetable is full of activities to help my son grow. Since he is a very active boy, we tend to look for schools that have fun activities that he will be doing all day, we instantly felt that this is the choice. We worry at first on how the teachers will handle my son as he has never been away from home. But after seeing the improvement in his behaviour, we were so relieved he adapts well in school. In fact, he gets so excited every morning waking up early because he can’t wait to get to school. My son has learned to listen to instructions and this helps us a lot as it shows he has learned some manners. I would definitely recommend My Home School to other parents as MHS has eased and improved our daily lifes by taking great care of my son. The teachers are very loving with the kids and its nice to see how comfortable my son is with everyone. He usually has a hard time being close with other people.

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