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Ms Pei Pei

I would like to enroll my son to MHS because of the school provide service from infant 2 months old to 6 years old. The early years are important in shaping the long term health of my son. In addition, it made him to be ready to entering pre-k in future and help to setting him with skills, knowledge and attitude necessary in life. MHS provided a positive climate, the environment is clean, safe and neat. The attractive curriculum including art & craft, physical, self help skill and more. Great communication with parents is the best thing in MHS. My son learn to be sharing his things, e.g toys and food. Moreover, MHS helps to shape a healthy habit, from what he had learnt in MHS (self-help skill), he wants to eat by himself instead of parents feeding him. Of course yes, I’ll recommend MHS, because of MHS provide a great learning environment. Besides that, my son has learnt to be sharing and more self-help skill, more independent. I can just leave my son there for 8 hours for every weekdays with no worries. MHS teachers are great and lovely. Furthermore, teachers in MHS are well-trained teachers with a big heart to shape a little minds. Thanks all the MHS teachers being such a wonderful teacher.

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