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Ms Chong

Honestly, we did not survey much before we start sending my son to My Home School when he was just about 6 months old. However, a couple of weeks after that, we no longer doubt our decision sending my little one to MHS. We have heard a lot of stories which parents often need to switch daycare for their little ones due to various unpleasant experiences or need to do a few trial and error before setting down with the daycare that the parents and the child are most comfortable with. Fortunately, we do not have to endure similar circumstances, thanks to the great effort by the teachers/staff of MHS in helping each child to adjust to their new environment when they first arrived. 

We would like to extend our gratitude to all MHS teachers/staffs and management for being there especially for working parents like us. Though my son sometimes did show reluctance to attend MHS in the morning, we are quite confident that it was due to the separation anxiety (which is very common amongst young toddlers) as the teachers/staff there never fall to show that they love having him there, my son and other children in MHS are always greeted by the teachers / staff with warmth, caring and open arms. All the toddlers, including my son, have a pre-scheduled daily activity such as sorting shape and dough play which we strongly believe are important for their early childhood development.

Recently, MHS has also launched the usage of “My LittleLives” which is a portal for parents to track their child daily activities in MHS. Through this portal, we get lives to update my son’s daily choices which make us feel closer to him and leave us with peace of mind while being far away from him. 

Last but not least, we recommend MHS to anyone that is looking for quality care for their little one. As for teachers/staff at MHS, keep up the great work. Thanks again to all of you at MHS for the care you have provided to our precious little one.

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