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Mr & Mrs Yong

We enrolled both our kids to My Home School since they were 3 months old, the main reason we chose this school is the infant care service that not many schools provides back then. And of course the location of the school which is near our house plays a major reason why we selected My Home School. 

The teachers are all very kind and helpful, they are also very creative and passionate in teaching children new skills. These can be seen with the yearly concerts that they successfully held all these years that makes us proud of our kids. Also not forget the yearly sport day and some other activity organise for both kids and parents so they can involve more on the kids early years. 

We think that the programs and teaching methods used are quite unique and this really helped a lot in helping our children to be quite independent, rather than using one teacher method. 

The school have improved quite a lot since we first enrolled our first child in terms of syllabus and health aspect and it is always open for more improvements which is always welcome. 

One of the best features that this school is actually have is the yearly report on the children’s progress, that contains lot of photos of them showing them doing the activities. It’s really valuable and precious to be able to record their progress which can be viewed later in life. 

Keep up the good work!

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