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Mr & Mrs Tan

Initially, we are impressed by the optimal atmosphere and learning environment for children. Later, we are comfortable with the time table of the school as children get to start classes after breakfast. 

The feature that we like is the ample space for children to move around during their learning activities time and the app that was introduced to keep parents in loop on what’s latest updates happening in school, activities, photos, etc.

The best thing about the school is the school keep providing activities involving children to participate. (i.e: arts & crafts, self-help skills, festive season event, etc). Can see that teachers put efforts to ensure the children enjoy their activities. 

We can see that my daughter has become more independent after she enrolled in My Home School. She learnt to be able to practice her potty training (“small” & “big” business) well in school in which she feels more confident in her potty training back at home too. 

As parents, we are definitely glad to see improvement shown for a growing children. The basic manners, positive personality & characters building of a growing child at a steady pace. We are looking forward to see more improvements stage by stage. 

Generally, we are quite happy with the school & hope that the quality of education providing been able to upkeep throughout the year.

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