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Bryson King Smith's parent

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The best choice I made thus far, choosing My KiddyLand for this boy in 2019. ? Although he only got to enjoy 1 year of actual school, his first sports day & first concert, he was still very busy & active during the no-school periods. ? Teachers always make sure that he keeps up with the lessons & yet never forgot about building their creativity. ? It was a hard time, but a quality hard time. He was so excited when I told him he can go back to school!! ?

At first, I thought I have to go through again the separation anxiety but nope, he was really excited to go back and waved me goodbye on the first day he was back at school. ? I always believe that the school has my back and Bryson is in a good hand. We were updated from time to time about his development, his progress, his goods, his lacking, and anything. I simply have full trust in the teachers and principal. He is becoming more caring, selfless & kind. ✨Not only teaching them about reading, writing, or speaking, the school also teaches him living skills such as doing house chores, showering, laundry, and many more. Definitely a very well-rounded education system in MyKiddy Land. ?

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